French Cuisine Elective – a student’s perspective


By Aisylnn (Grade 6)

When Friday came Grades 3-8 were excited and could hardly wait until Electives. Somehow we survived and at about 2:00 pm we were off to our various stations. French cuisine was at the Williamsburg CRC and we had supplies plenty.

At the church we set up and got ready to work. The first thing we did was make Gâteau au Yaourt or yogurt cake. We  were given our own bowl, polka-dotted spatula, oven mitt, and recipe book. One by one we received our ingredients, dry then wet, mixed them and poured them in our prepared pan and in the oven. After the cakes were in the oven Mrs, Luchies, our Elective leader, got a snack together. The snack consisted of cheese, 3 types Dutch, Marble and Jalapeno. There were also crackers, parmesan chip crackers, grapes,bologna and a bacon like meat, and sparkling  lemonade. During our break we tidied a little and learned a little bit about meals in France. We soon started another recipe, this time we made Tartes aux Fruits or fruit tarts.

There was a mini pastry shell and we put melted chocolate and let it cool, then we put pudding on top with a strawberry or raspberry. After those were made we hurried to clean up. When we were done cleaning we hurried back to school. I am having fun in French Cuisine because I love making things and I want to get better at baking. The girls with me in French Cuisine also enjoy this elective and I am glad I can be part of it.


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