Kingdom Building in Pajamas!


Friday was Pajama Day – a favourite dress-up day here at Timothy Christian School. By 9 o’clock in the morning everyone was in the gym, ready to sing praises to our God. Students in Grade 6-8 did an amazing job as they led us in worship.

After a time of praise and worship it was time to play….teddy bear relays!

In our Kingdom Building groups we had a great time running with teddy bears between our knees, moving teddy bears with pool noodles and carrying lots and lots of teddy bears.

How do pajamas and teddy bears help us to build the Kingdom of God?

  • Cheer: voices were lifted high in order to cheer for a common goal – getting that teddy bear across the line!
  • Co-operation: students from 4 years old to 13 years old all working together.
  • Mentors: teachers joining in to model team work and sportsmanship – you should have seen how adept some teachers are at jumping with a teddy bear between their knees!
  • Joy: a chance to come together to create memories of joy and wonder.

We thank God for every opportunity we have, large or small, to build his kingdom.





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