Black History Month

February is Black History Month and we spent some time reading books and hearing stories about the lives of black people. We reflected on the injustices that have happened and are still happening today. We wondered about the biases in our own ..

Amazing Bones!

The students in Grade 3-4 are learning about the human body and recently have been focusing on bones. They’ve learned that the human body has 206 bones and that each hand has 27 bones in it. Babies have more bones than adults and until y..

Snowshoe Week!

Snow + snowshoes = joy! This past week the students have had multiple opportunities to go snowshoeing. We are thankful to the South Dundas Lending Library for letting us borrow a class set of snowshoes for the week and to the Cedar Glen Golf C..

Meeting our Member of Parliament

The students in Grade 5-6 are learning about Canadian government. Last week, through the wonder of technology, the Honourable Mr. Eric Duncan, M.P. zoomed into their classroom! They had the chance to ask him questions. Question: How many MPs w..

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is coming and we are excited! The school is a festive place, with classroom doors beautifully decorated. Each door design has a theme with all the students adding something to the design. We also have daily Christmas trivia questions..

Grade 5-6 Playground Project

Since September the students in Grade 5-6 have been working hard on a special project focused on the school playground. They started with the Driving Question: How can we make improvements to our playground that build knowledge, build faith an..

Remembrance Day Chapel 2020

Remembrance Day 2020 – a time to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many. To prepare for the day we read books with our class.   These books help the student understand the purpose and the importance of Remembrance Day. W..

A Gift of a Day

This past Friday was a gift of a day …. warm and sunny and beautiful. We took advantage of the summer weather in October to spend lots of time outside. We met with our buddies to do activities together. We made music outside. We did gym ..

The Colours of Fall!

This time of year there is a lot of beauty to behold! Inspired by the beauty of creation, students have been working hard on some amazing works of art. Amazing fall colours as the leaves change and drop!     Amazing fall colours on t..


“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!” Psalm 118:1 Last Friday we gathered together to do just that. We dressed up like essential workers.   We met outside for chapel. We gave thanks to God for many things: essential worke..