What is Distance Learning?

In the middle of March we suddenly embarked on a learning journey that we had not previously imagined. Seemingly overnight we transitioned into Distance Learning. What is Distance Learning? What does it look like? We can start answering that b..

Kindergarten Camp is Coming Soon

The month of April is a fun time at Timothy Christian School. It is a chance to meet some new friends as we welcome students to Kindergarten Camp! Kindergarten Camp is a readiness program for children who are turning 4 this year and will be st..

Community Breakfast

This morning the school hosted a community breakfast as the entry event to our spring projects. As a whole school we are considering the question: Who is my neighbour? And so we gathered together as a community to enjoy a pancake breakfast. As..

Summer Day!

On this cold February day, students came to school wearing shorts and sandals, looking like they were ready for summer. Once a month we have a Fab Friday, a day to dress up and have some fun together as a community.  Today was called Summer D..

Animal Sketches

The students in Grade 3-4 are doing a research project on an animal of their choice. As part of the project they have been given the task of sketching their animal. This process required looking closely at the details of a gridded photo and tr..

Winter Recess!

Ask just about any student what their favourite thing at school is and their answer will be ….. recess! Recess is even better when there is snow!! At Timothy Christian School, we think recess is very important. Getting fresh air, having ..

Extended Kindergarten Update

We are in our second year of offering Extended Kindergarten, a program which gives families the option of choosing full time kindergarten for their children. The Regular Kindergarten Program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Extended Kind..

Having a Healthy Heart

This morning the Grade 3-4 students led us in chapel. We began by joining together in praise and worship. The students challenged us to think about what a healthy heart looks like. Doing exercises can help you have a heart that is physically f..

Electives – Day #1

Excitement was high on Friday afternoon as  we began our new year of electives. Each year in January, the students in Grade 3-8 get to choose an elective that they want to participate in. This year they had 10 amazing choices: basketball, fit..

Christmas Musical 2019

C.A.K.E. was the name of our Christmas musical. It stands for Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment. As the musical was all about doing acts of kindness, we decided to do some acts of kindness ourselves. The Grade 7 students baked and decorate..