Prisms & Pyramids

    Today in Math, the Gr. 1&2s demonstrated their understanding of 3D shapes by creating various prisms and pyramids with straws and plasticine. They all did a great job, and had a lot of fun building during this interactive Math pe..

Field Day Practice

With Track & Field Day coming soon, everyone can use some practice!  The Big Buddies had a chance to be track & field coaches, helping the JSK students practice their running and jumping.         Save Save Save Save

Spring Musical Performance: L.O.S.T.

All students and staff worked extra hard on our spring musical performance.  And it paid off! The set and costumes were amazing, and the kids had a lot of fun acting, dancing and singing in L.O.S.T.      In the musical, the S.S. Hope, ..

Treasures Revealed

By Heidi Blokland Our school recently embarked on a journey called Project Based Learning, or simply “PBL.” PBL is an inquiry approach to education which uses a project as the central context for student learning. Our topic of study was th..

Positive Learning Environment

What is Growth Mindset? The mindset of an individual, whether a child learning in school or an adult with career goals, can change how one handles disappointments.  If abilities are defined as something that needs to be demonstrated, or that ..

Learning About the St.Lawrence Seaway Project

Our first ever school-wide Project-Based Learning!  The driving question behind this project is: How has the Seaway Project been helpful and harmful to the community?   The primary grades have been learning about the St.Lawrence River wi..

Math Fair 2015

A fun day for all students is the math fair.  The students are divided into teams and travel from room to room to try fun math games.  The senior students help set up and lead each game. The math fair is a fun and interactive way of learning..