Royalty Day!

Today was our first Fab Friday of the year. On Fab Fridays we dress up according to a theme and this theme was Royalty Day. The halls were filled with kings and queens, princesses and knights.      We also had some creative interpretations ..

Buddies for everyone!

For many years at TCS the Kindergarten students have had a big buddy. They are paired with an older student and throughout the year they form a strong relationship. Today the students in Kindergarten were paired with someone in Grade 5-7. It w..

Track and Field 2019

A student told me recently that they like track and field day because they get to miss school. “But you aren’t missing school,” I said. “Track and field is doing school.” School is not just doing spelling tests or..

Learning from Experts

The school is a buzz with learning these days. And in some classroom that is more literal than others 🙂 Each class is learning about something in preparation for our Spring Celebration of Learning. Sometimes we learn from books or different..

The Body of Christ

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” I Cor 12:27 If you have walked the school halls recently, you may have noticed an amazing collaborative creation. We can him Tim, short for Timothy, short for ..