Track and Field 2019

A student told me recently that they like track and field day because they get to miss school. “But you aren’t missing school,” I said. “Track and field is doing school.” School is not just doing spelling tests or..

Learning from Experts

The school is a buzz with learning these days. And in some classroom that is more literal than others 🙂 Each class is learning about something in preparation for our Spring Celebration of Learning. Sometimes we learn from books or different..

The Body of Christ

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” I Cor 12:27 If you have walked the school halls recently, you may have noticed an amazing collaborative creation. We can him Tim, short for Timothy, short for ..

Joy in Learning about China

These past few months, the Grade ¾ class has been learning about the country of China. Some highlights included “virtual field trips”. The first trip was to the Great Wall of China. And then they went to the Forbidden City. They learn..

Launching the projects

One element of Project Based Learning (PBL) is an Entry Event to launch the project and get the students excited about what is to come. It can take many shapes and forms. Recently, a couple of classes launched their spring PBL focusing on some..

Amazing Whole School Field Trip!

This past Wednesday we went as a whole school to a place called Countryside Adventures, an amazing place with a 3 km skating trail through the woods. We went there to launch our spring project that will focus on Psalm 8. “Lord, our Lord,..

Joy in learning French

Here at Timothy Christian School in Williamsburg the students in Grade 5-6 are part of the Extended French program. Are you wondering what the Extended French program is all about? Take a few minutes to read this blog post. The program involve..

Winter Electives 2019

For the past 5 Friday afternoons the students in Grade 3-8 have put away their pencils and books and participated in some amazing learning opportunities. With the help of many volunteers we offered 7 different electives for the students to cho..