Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Camp is our Kindergarten Readiness Program that we run each April. Once a week students who will be starting Kindergarten in the following year come and experience what it is like to learn in Kindergarten. We focus on a number of ..

Career Day!

Today was Career Day, a fun dress up day where all the students dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up. There were a lot of creative costumes …. from nurses to artists to police officers to astronauts! We began the day by j..

Kingdom Building at the Bazaar

It was a full house at the Bazaar! Lots of food and fun for everyone! Thank you to everyone who came out to the TCS Bazaar and helped in any way. Without the support of the community, this fundraiser would not succeed. A big thank you to the B..

Canada Projects

The Grade 1&2s recently completed projects on the provinces and territories of Canada. Done independently during class time, students were first taught how to locate information on the provincial bird and flower for their chosen province/t..

Pi Day

3.1415926…. While I can only recite the first few digits of pi, there are people in the world who can recite hundreds or thousands of the random digits of pi.  Why is there such a fascination with the number pi?  While some people don&..

The Day Before March Break!!

Have you even wondered what goes on in a school on the day before March Break? Report cards for Term 2 are finished and everyone is thinking about the week ahead. So what do the teachers an students do all day? Well…… The Kindergar..


“Bones, bones hard and strong — All connected so nothing goes wrong!” In Kindergarten, we have been learning about our skeletons. We can put a paper skeleton together, knowing where all our major bones are located. Here is w..

Woodworking Winter Elective

  One of our choices for Winter Electives this year was woodworking.  Students went off-site to the home of one of their leaders, so that they were able to work in his workshop.  With their leaders, Steve Geertsema and Jack VanGilst, they w..