Spring Musical Performance: L.O.S.T.


All students and staff worked extra hard on our spring musical performance.  And it paid off! The set and costumes were amazing, and the kids had a lot of fun acting, dancing and singing in L.O.S.T.

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In the musical, the S.S. Hope, its personnel and passengers become stranded on a deserted island.  Trying to find food, water and a way home, the colourful group must decide which of the 4 paths to take.  The island natives help them along the way, not only with their needs but also by reminding them that the “LORD has a plan for all things”.  Of course, there was lots of upbeat singing, dancing and fun along the way!


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The musical was a true delight for friends and family who attended.  It was a blessing to see staff, students and parent volunteers work together to make this performance such a success.  And what a reminder for our small but mighty school: The LORD has a plan for all things!


The Kindergarten class dressed up as the Fruit of the Spirit for their song:

13235641_477322355792117_7572624741392799836_o  13116149_472599369597749_7621030168409093474_o


A lovely duet by Peyton & Elizabeth:



A fantastic dance routine by senior students Tyrel, Noah, Lindsay & Leah:



And awesome singing from all the students:



The set decorations even included a plank walkway outside!





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