Thank you, Supporters!!


What an incredible blessing supporters are to Timothy Christian School!

  • Supporters who pray for the school.
  • Supporters who volunteer faithfully at Timmy’s Place.
  • Supporters who donate money so that the school can buy items like chrome books, ukuleles, a high jump mat, lego kits, alto recorders and so much more.

Recently we invited all supporters to join us for a special chapel time.

It was a chance to praise and worship God together.

It was a chance to hear from students as they shared what they are learning and how supporters make a difference.

It was a chance to see what students learned during electives. Thanks to supporters who volunteered their time and skills the students had a chance to learn about dance, drumming, wood working and other great things.

After chapel there was a chance to visit with staff and students.

It was a chance to say thank you and to let you know what a blessing your support is to the school.

If you want to find out more about supporting the school check out the Support Us tab on our website.




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